Sony 15000 mAh and 20000 mAh Power Bank Available Online

Sony understanding the requirement has launched 2 new amazing powerful power banks. The 2 new 15000 mAh and 20000 mAh power banks are priced orignally at Rs 5,100 and Rs 7,500 respectively. Sony CP-S15 and Sony CP-S20 may definitely be a good choice for people who travel a lot. Even if little expensive, these powerful power banks
may definitely be a good option for many. The features of the new Sony power banks may definitely make you happy if you have good budget.

Sony CP-S15 and CP-S20 both come with Hybrid Gel technology. Sony CP-S15 powerbank with 15,000 mAh power is the best option for those having budget Rs 5,000.

Sony CP-15 Best Power Bank in Rs 5000

Weight of Sony CP-S15 is 390 grams, while the weight of CP-S20 is 510 grams. Battery type used for both the power banks is Lithium Polymer.

CP-S15 comes with 2 USB ports. There is even a micro USD port provided by Sony.

One of the features which is missing in CP-S15, while provided in CP-S20 is LED indication. CP-S20 comes with 4 USB ports which will allow you to change 4 smartphones together.

New Sony Power Banks

Some of the best features of these latest Sony power banks are longer battery life, high safety standard, BIS certified, Short Circuit protection and temperature monitoring.

The presence of Hybrid Gel technology will make the power bank’s charge last longer when not charged even for a long time.

CP-S15 and CP-S20 both support fast charging and 1000x rechargeable which means that you won’t have to again spend soon for buying a power bank.

Portable charging time of CP-S15 power bank with AC Adaptor is 13 hours, while with USB port it is 40 hours. Sony CS-20 takes 16 hours to charge with AC Adaptor, while it takes 55 hours to charge with a USB port.

The price of Sony CP-S15 15000 mAh power bank is now Rs 3,999, while the CP-S20 power bank can be purchased at Rs 5,799.

Buy Sony CP-S15 Power Bank

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People who travel a lot shall definitely find these power banks as very useful. Sony is definitely trying its best to make its fans happy by launching power banks with good features. Do let me know that whether you’ll go for the 15000 mAh power bank or the 20000 mAh power bank.