Skater Boy – Amazing Android Game Review

Do you love skating? If you want skating experience on your Android smartphone then you need to check out the amazing skating game Skater Boy. If you never got chance to do skating then this Android game gives you chance to get the skating experience. You will feel that you are really skating while playing the Android game Skater Boy.

Skater Boy - Best Android Skating game

Different Levels

In this Android game you can find many different levels. You will skate at different type of places which is really a wonderful thing. Any skating game will become boring if one keeps skating at the same type of place. As there are many new levels you get to go through many different things while skating. Different dangers and new levels while playing the skating game Skater Boy really makes this Android game a favorite one for Android users.

Different levels Skater Boy

Amazing Game Sound

This skating game is very well known and already more than 2,60,000 downloads have been done. The most amazing thing is the background sound that you hear while playing the amazing skating game Skater Boy on Android smartphone. If you want to really get the feeling of skating while playing Skater Boy game on your Android smartphone then you should definitely keep the sound on. Even there is option to keep the sound off while playing the game Skater Boy.

Crossing and Jumping over the obstacles

Skater Boy game sometimes requires you to concentrate little bit more as some obstacles are difficult. You may find it fun to cross and jump over the different obstacles while playing the Android game Skater Boy.

Overall Review

Skater Boy is wonderful Android game because it gives skating experience and it is compatible with most of the Android smartphones. I would give Skater Boy rating which is 4.5/5 and would definitely advice all the Android gaming lovers to try out this Android game. This game could be definitely played daily for a hour without getting bored as you will feel that you are skating yourself.

The Best Skating game Skater Boy

You can play Skater Boy game even while travelling as there are 2 buttons only on screen. One is for moving and speeding up while the other button in Skater Boy game is for jumping.

If you have Android 2.1 version or up then Skater Boy Android game shall be immediately downloaded by you. This game will give you the skating experience which you want on your Android smartphone. Download Skater Boy and get the fun you want without getting bored on your Android smartphone.