TextMe Launches Recharge Me for Android: Send Mobile Top-Up

There’s some great news for people who want to quickly and easily gift top-up to friends and family around the world with their mobile phone. TextMe has just launched Recharge Me, a mobile top-up app that allows Android users to send mobile top-up to their friends and family abroad for free. This is the first application of its kind as you may definitely love to send mobile Top-Up to some of your friends and relatives regularly. Sending Mobile Top-Up is going to be fun now because Recharge Me is very simple to use and works faster than many other Apps. By going through this review, you’ll be able to know all the features of this App.

One of the best features of this free app is that you can now send credit to any mobile number without going to a store. Recharge Me allows you to send a small sum of money, and the recipient receives airtime credit in their local currency almost immediately.

Recharge Me App Review

No longer is a lack of data an obstacle to staying connected. You can send a top-up credit as a birthday gift, or use the extra airtime to reconnect with friends and family around the world, including India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt and Jamaica etc.  Recharge Me allows friends and family to remain connected all year long and the app works in over 100 countries and supports transactions with 400 telecom providers.

“Sending money across the world is cumbersome, complex and expensive. With Recharge Me, we made the experience dead simple and removed the superfluous fees to allow people to easily and efficiently send mobile top-up to anyone, anywhere”, said Christophe Bach, founder of the company. “With millions of people using TextMe and FreeTone to communicate with their friends and family around the world, we see Recharge Me as an invaluable tool to staying connected.”

While the app is only for topping up mobile plans right now, the option of simple, free, international money transfer vis-a-vis mobile phones is empowering.

How Recharge Me works:

Airtime is transferred directly from your account to the recipient’s sim card, regardless of where they are or if they have the app downloaded, and a free SMS message lets your recipient know when they receive a credit.

Send Mobile Top-Up using Recharge Me

Features of Recharge Me App are as follows

–       Send Top-Ups to Prepaid Numbers Easily

–       Easy Sign-Up Option (Make Use of Email, Facebook Account or your Google Account)

–       Invite Your Friends to Start Making Use of Recharge Me

–       Covers most of the major network operators

–       No Extra Charges

You can download Recharge Me to your Android device via Google Play.

TextMe, headquartered in San Francisco, California, is developing the only universal communication application on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. With TextMe, users can communicate with anyone in the world for free, via SMS, instant messaging, voice calls and video calls.

If you’re not having an Android smartphone still now, then you should be happy to know that many best Android smartphones are now available just within Rs 10,000. You can check out the comparison of best Dual SIM smartphones so that you’ll soon have a superb smartphone for easily making use of Recharge Me regularly.

I hope that you’ll soon start making use of Recharge Me App on your Android smartphone. According to me, this App is going to be useful for many. If you’re thinking to make someone happy, then you can definitely make use of Recharge Me to gift talktime to that person. Let me know about your experience with this App. Do you love sending Mobile Top-Up to your friends? Will you start making use of Recharge Me regularly?