Rainbow Chinese Mobile Brand Zopo

Zopo is a Chinese mobile manufacture brand started in 2012 and engaged in investigation and development, production and smart services. A stunning feature of the brand is its worldwide popularity. And our main mission in this review is to find out why these cheap mobile phones are so much wanted globally. Brand Zopo is a well recognized mobile maker presented in many countries with various market demand (Ukraine, Germany, Russia, etc) with the large coverage of Chinese market. The prime goal of the mobile tech company is to make a customer life easier through intelligent technologies implemented in affordable smart devices.

By now Zopo mobiles puts the biggest emphasis on the dreams, desires and experience of the users developing and producing the devices fully meeting the requirements of the world’s mobile community. The main goal of the Zopo mobile developers is to make intelligent devices and smart technologies simpler integrated into daily life of a customer. Today Zopo intelligent gadgets offer innovations at every step of phone usage. Flosmall online store is a certified distribution agent delivering Zopo mobile gadgets globally for free. You will find comprehensive information on zopo devices, pricing and core features which will advance your smartphone using to a brand new level. Choose your Zopo smartphone here.


One of the hottest devices by this Chinese brand is ZOPO ZP580 run on the latest version of Android offering the most customizable UI in the segment.

Zopo Zp 580 Smartphone

Zopo gadget offers numerous options of voice control (display turning off and on, camera using, etc). Integrated social platform will ease sharing your life with the community in all popular social networks with a single click. The Zopo device gets a clear 4.5’ QHD display of 960*450 resolution which is rather moderate considering new products of other Chinese brands in the segment. The heart of the phone is as well much to be desired. It is only dual core (MTK 6572) with maximum frequency developed being 1.3GHz. The chipset of the device is coupled with quite moderate 512Mb RAM which is fairly not enough for flawless multitasking and for powering demanding apps and games. The phone is by standard equipped with two cameras of 5Mp back one and 2Mp front one being enough for make good photos and live video communication (video calls, video chats).

This dual SIM gadget will let you benefit from the cheapest tariffs of mobile carriers. Poor battery of 1700mAh will not be able to well power up all day browsing or gaming, however will be rather enough to cover basic needs of a user as calling and messaging. At first the gadget may seem to be not worth attention however its price makes a great difference as the gadget is available at 122$. The Flosmall online store will be glad to deliver it globally for free.


ZOPO ZP700 CUPPY is a more powerful and captivating device with a frisky processor (Cortex A7 architecture) incorporating 4 cores with 1.3GHz each and an extended RAM of 1Gb and 28nm technology for a faster data processing and smooth online browsing.

Zopo ZP 700 Smartphone

The gadget gets a bigger display of 4.7’ based on QHD IPS technology and providing a crystal clear imaging. But the resolution is as well to be much desired consisting only 960*540 meanwhile most gadgets by renowned cheap mobile brands feature a higher resolution being marketed in the same segment. The phone is moderately sized so one hand navigation is control is rather comfortable. Two cameras of 8MP back one and 5MP front one with autofocusing option and LED are added to bring into your life more entertainment and make high quality pictures of every moment to be remembered. The battery is of moderate capacity of 1750mAh being quite enough for average using mode.

The device will be a great image gadget as it comes to the market in various colors to add your personal style and individuality.


ZOPO ZP780 is a fairly priced 5’QHD IPS smartphone run with 4-core MTK6582 tickling at 1.3GHz each.

Zopo ZP 780 Smartphone

Strict angular design of this model will be a perfect complement to a strict business style but a variety of colorful back shells will make this device a desired gadget for young mobile fan generation. Apart from the display improvement and new design and form the gadget has not made a great evolution. It is still 1Gb RAM and 8MP back with 5MP front cameras. A slightly bigger battery of 1800mAh will not prolong the gadget life greatly. The price of the device is about 155$ at Flosmall market delivering top Chinese cheap smartphones globally for free.