Prisma Photo Filter App Available for Android Smartphones

Prisma, the App which has got lot of popularity already is now available for Android devices. This App will allow you to make your photos look like artwork. People are getting crazy for making their photos look like a painted or drawn artwork. Prisma was first available for Android in beta form, but it is now available at Google Play Store.

Prisma App launched for the Android is similar to the iOS version. It comes with 30 filters which makes it a very useful App. A person can choose the filter he likes the most. One can take new photos or select the photos already available in the gallery.

Prisma App Best Features

Prisma’s filters works in a different way as compared to the Instagram filters. Prisma makes use of its own remote servers for processing the image after applying the filter. The reason that Prisma has achieved success in a short run is mainly because of the interesting and unique filters.

Artificial intelligence is used for giving the best effects to the pictures. Some of the most popular Prisma filters are Impression and Curtain. It even allows to choose the intensity of filter which is something really amazing. If you don’t like high intensity as it makes your picture extremely different from the original one, then you can definitely choose low intensity while using the Prisma App.

Soon you may find many new useful filters as people are liking some of the current filters a lot, and the video support will get available soon. I’m waiting to see the new filters that Prisma will be having soon, as I have seen that some of my friends love some of the Prisma filters much more than the other filters.

Social media is making Prisma App more popular day by day. When others see their friends sharing their Prisma edited pics on Facebook and Instagram, they too get eager to try out this App. Social media marketing always plays an important role in making any new technology popular, and the same is happening with Prisma. This App
has inbuilt sharing feature which allows users to share directly on Facebook as well as Instagram. It means that if you can attract people to the features in your product, then others too will get attracted to the product because of the interesting features.

Once Prisma got launched for the iOS store, it got downloaded for more than 10 million times which is a record. It is been downloaded daily by thousands of people. The increasing popularity of Prisma clearly indicates that it will soon become one of the most downloaded Apps having millions of active users. Download Prisma photo filter App for your Android smartphone and try out all the filters.

The popularity of Prisma is one of the reasons that there have been rumors that it will get acquired by one of the popular online companies. Prima is going to bring a new trend as many other App developers must be feeling excited to develop Apps similar to Prisma. I’ve liked the amazing artistic effects that Prisma gives to the photographs, and that’s why I feel that everyone having an Android smartphone will soon download the Prisma App.