OS MIUI V5 from Xiaomi brand

MIUI is a mobile operating system, a firmware for mobile devices as smartphones and tablets developed by the renowned Chinese Xiaomi for their own devices as Xiaomi MI3 or another known device Xiaomi Red Rice. The OS is based on a world’s No.1 mobile operating system Android being one of the most customizable and personalized. The core MIUI OS is a greatly modified version of an Android platform with a much improved UI in which the initial Android code is almost unrecognizable. The MIUI is a fusion of best features an iOS and Samsung TouchWiz can give an average customer. SimplyMIUI is a way to greatly maximize a device.

The custom OS MIUI V5 features a set of options and additional functionality not extrinsic of Android OS. The V5 is the latest release of the MIUI OS with a sufficiently changed user interface. The date of the last release is May, 30, 2014.


 The latest version of MIUI features the updates of calls (finding contacts with dial pad, full size avatar during calling, caller location) and messaging (message and dialogues pinning, auto fill in feature, optimized easy searching) providing even better experience through free cloud messaging with the rest of MIUI fans, advanced system and app security enabling unwanted calls and spam messages blocking using powerful filters for automatic blocking of suspicious messages. Now the system MIUI V5 comes with a comprehensive virus scan software ultimately protecting a device from malicious apps and files. Extra cloud services enable a user to synchronize contact and messages information as well as to store and access All sorts of content conveniently. The system features an updated back up option enabling simple and easy saving of phone data and personal information. Now a user is able to protect any type of content or app on the MIUI device with a password.

The network assistant will help a user not to exceed a data plan controlling the traffic of a device. A useful find device option enables an user to locate a device through a Xiaomi account and block or delete private content remotely. Autostart checker enables a user to find out which of the apps start on the phone automatically and run in background mode thus being able to consume device power. A user can switch off the apps and processes which are unused at the moment.

The MUIU V5 gives much more space for personal customization with hundreds of personal themes, locking screens and functions available when a device is locked. A user can customize the lock screen and add apps for immediate access without unlocking the device through the initial screen. The initial drop down menu can be added with 19+ functions and options which a user would like to access with a single swipe of the drop down bar. One of the newest features of the MIUI is a chance to track the data transfer speed which can be displayed in real time mode on the top status bar. The MIUI OS keeps much more secrets of easy and simple navigation as multiple apps deleting at one go, all apps switching off with a single touch. Besides,the system has got over 200 of cleverly improved options and features. The system updates every week.

One of the hottest devices by Xiaomi brand running with OS MIUI V5 is “Xiaomi MI3”. The device gets the most powerful4-core processor by Qualcomm being Snapdragon 800 added with 2GB RAM. The IPS display size is 5.0” with high resolution of 1920*1080. The smartphone features two cameras with 2MP front one and 13MP back one. An extended battery capacity reaches 3050mAh which is quite enough to support continuous talk and hardcore using mode.

Xiaomi MI3

Xiaomi MI3 Smartphone

Another device to exploit MIUI OS V5 is “Xiaomi Red Rice” featuring 4.7” IPS display, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (MSM 8228) and simpler cameras of 1.3MP front and 8MP back one. This device by Xiaomi features as well a weaker battery of 2000mAh, still outdoing most of the reputable branded devices as Samsung and iPhone. Presented smartphones are based on MIUI V5.

Xiaomi Red Rice

Xiaomi Red Rice Smartphone

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