Moto E 2nd Gen 3G and 4G Variant Price Reduced by Rs 1,000

Discount offers on 4G Android smartphones always excite people as these smartphones are in huge demand in India. Motorola is planning to launch the 3rd Gen version of Moto E, Moto G and Moto X. That’s why it has decided to give good discount offer on the popular low budget Moto E 2nd Gen smartphone. Moto E 2nd Gen is definitely a good affordable smartphone due to good built and decent features. Know about this discount offer which will make you buy 3G or 4G variant of Moto E 2nd Gen at a reduced price. Motorola is trying its best to attract all type of customers towards its smartphones. It may definitely launch the 3rd Gen Moto E and Moto G too at an affordable price.

Moto E 2nd Gen smartphone’s 3G variant first got launched at Rs 6,999. But, now its price has reduced by Rs 1,000 and that’s why now Moto E 2nd Gen 3G variant is available at Rs 5,999.

Discount Offer on Moto E 2nd Gen 3G and 4G Variants

Moto E 2nd Gen 3G variant comes with 4.5 inch display having resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. Display screen of Moto E 2nd Gen comes with Gorilla Glass protection. It comes with powerful 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Quad Core processor and 1GB RAM. Internal memory space of 8GB is provided, while one can get external memory up to 32GB.

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Camera features include rear facing camera of 5 megapixel and VGA camera at the front. Nowadays low budget smartphones are been provided with better front camera, and that’s why it will be interesting to see that whether people will go for Moto E 2nd Gen now too as it got launched few months back.

Connectivity features available are 3G, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi. This Motorola smartphone comes with 2390 mAh battery which is really good as per the affordable price.

Buy Moto E 2nd Gen 3G Online (Black Color)

Buy Moto E 2nd Gen 3G Online (White Color)

Moto E 2nd Gen 4G variant Priced Reduced to Rs 6,999

Moto E 2nd Gen 4G which launched at Rs 7,999 is now available at a discounted price of Rs 6,999. As compared to the 3G variant, 4G variant comes with better and powerful processor which is a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad Core 410 processor. All other features are similar to Moto E 2nd Gen, it is just that 4G connectivity is provided in this Moto E 2nd Gen 4G variant.

Buy Moto E 2nd Gen 4G Online (Black Color)

Buy Moto E 2nd Gen 4G Online (White Color)

How Moto E 3rd Gen will be Better than Moto E 2nd Gen?

Large Display Screen – 2nd Gen Moto E’s 4.5 inch screen can be said to be decent enough, but as nowadays people like large screen. That’s why Motorola may provide 5 inch screen to 3rd Gen Moto E. It will be interesting to see that whether Motorola will launch 3rd Gen Moto E with a large display screen.

Powerful Processor – Nowadays companies are making use of powerful 64 Bit Quad Core or Octa Core processor. It will be interesting to see that whether Motorola will make use of this type of processor and price it affordable too.

Good Battery – Motorola may definitely provide 2500 mAh or even a better battery in Moto E 3rd Gen. Motorola must want 3rd Gen variant of its affordable smartphone to get success, and that’s why its battery may even be provided with fast charging feature.

More Internal Storage Space – It is quite possible that Motorola may even provide more internal storage space which is of 16GB. This may not happen, but definitely some Motorola fans may expect this to happen.

You even have an useful exchange offer which you can opt for. This exchange offer will allow you to buy Moto E 2nd Gen 3G at Rs 3,999 only, while you’ll be able to buy Moto E 2nd Gen 4G variant at Rs 4,999 only. Check out which smartphones can be exchanged before you decide to go for this offer.

Motorola is definitely giving good offer on Moto E 2nd Gen. It may be the right time to purchase the 3G or 4G variant of Moto E smartphone, but some people may decide to wait for the 3rd Gen Moto E. Are you going to buy Moto E 2nd Gen at discounted price? or Will you wait for the launch of Moto E 3rd Gen in India?