MAN OF STEEL Android Mobile Game – Paid but superb

Everyone who has a Android mobile phone will definitely love to play an action packed game like MAN OF STEEL. If you didn’t knew that MAN OF STEEL Movie Android game is available then you will be more excited to go through the features of this game and finally buy the game from Google Play Store.

This is the official game of your favorite movie and that’s why without thinking much you may like to go for this game and that’s why I am mentioning the features of MAN OF STEEL game.


In this movie MAN OF STEEL everyone has seen General ZOD who is definitely going to harm the planet Earth. If you after seeing the movie felt that you could be the MAN OF STEEL and save the Earth then definitely you should play this game as you get various superb powers using which you need to fight.

Defeating General Zod may not be easy as he has his evil force. For fighting with his evil force you need to really fight like a SUPERMAN. You need to move fast using your Super Speed power and you also get the heat vision for fighting with General Zod.

Play More and Unlock different levels to buy different Suits

You can not only be the MAN OF STEEL but also change the suit you are wearing in the game. You get the chance to choose from 6 different suits from the awesome movie MAN OF STEEL.

Very Superb Graphics

If you are still thinking that why you should pay for this Android game and definitely one of the reasons is amazing graphics of this game MAN OF STEEL. If you loved seeing the movie due to graphics then here is the opportunity to again enjoy the graphics by playing the game.

The most amazing this about the MAN OF STEEL Movie Movie Android game is that one gets to fight in various different 3D environments. You may get ready to pay the price just to enjoy fighting in new amazing 3D environments on your Android mobile phone.

Before buying this amazing Android mobile game do check out that whether this game will work on your Android mobile phone as every Android mobile may not be compatible for the game which is MAN OF STEEL. It requires Android 3.2 version at least and works on all the latest Android versions.

Here is the download link for you if you really want to purchase MAN OF STEEL game on your Android mobile phone. You will be required to pay Rs 289.37 for buying this amazing action game from Google Play Store.