Lenovo K900 Review – A Good Smartphone for those with Budget Rs25,000

Lenovo K900 is a smartphone which was released some time back but still it is a very good choice. These days whenever I am going to college I see advertisements (hoardings) of Lenovo K900 at different places. This time I went through the features and reviews of K900 and realized that this is a really good Android smartphone if budget is around Rs 25,000. Now K900 is available for Rs 25,499 at Flipkart and after going through the features many may like to consider it over other costly Android smartphones.

This smartphone by Lenovo works on latest Android 4.2 version operating system. K900 is very powerful and hence liked by people. Here is the complete review of Lenovo K900.

Lenovo K900 - Very good Smartphone in Rs 25,000

Touchscreen of K900 is of good size and has good resolution

5.5 inches screen of K900 may definitely be liked by you as the resolution is very good. The resolution of touchscreen of Lenovo K900 is 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution.

Powerful Smartphone

K900 is very powerful as it comes with 2GHz dual core processor. Even the RAM is a 2GB RAM which should excite you more to Lenovo K900.

Camera Features of Lenovo K900 are decent

Lenovo K900 is very amazing as you get 13 megapixel rear camera with LED flash. Some high end smartphones having good camera features are priced above Rs 30,000 while you are spending only Rs 25,000 for buying K900 with good camera features. The front facing camera is a 2 megapixel camera.

Good Internal Memory

You are getting 16GB internal memory with Lenovo K900. You should have no low memory issues with K900 as 16GB memory should be enough for you.

Connectivity Features

3G, Wi-fi, Edge, GPRS are available but NFC is missing in Lenovo K900. Wi-fi direct and Wi-fi hotspot both features are available in Lenovo K900.

Lenovo K900 is not only powerful but this smartphone by Lenovo is very thin in size too. I am expecting to see more powerful and superb looking Android smartphones to be launched by Lenovo in this year. I would definitely update you all with new updates whenever Lenovo announces any new Android smartphone.

Lenovo K900 is powered with 2,500 mAh battery. After reading this K900 review you will find very few cons in Lenovo K900 as every feature is decent enough. If you are not satisfied with your current costly Android smartphone you may think to go for Lenovo K900 now.