Krrish 3 Movie Game Can Be Now Downloaded For Windows Phone 8

Krrish 3 is an awesome game and if you were waiting for the movie Krrish 3 you should immediately download this game too.. For now the game has only got available for Windows Phone 8 smartphones and soon it will get available for Windows 8 operating system. It will be really fun playing the amazing game on PC and tablet as we may soon find that this game will be available for Windows 8 operating system.

Krissh 3 Movie game which has got available to download for Windows 8 Phone will give you experience of Mumbai city as the game has levels based on the different parts of Mumbai. It has 6 different levels.

Now Download and Enjoy Krissh 3 Movie game

Krissh 3 is a very fun game as you will feel that you yourself are running as Hrithik Roshan(Krrish). Going through the different levels of the game you shall be able to get a gaming experience which you never had before.

Multi-player option is also available with Krrish 3 movie game. You will definitely love to compete with your friends while playing this new movie game starring Hrithik Roshan.


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For now Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 operating system users will be downloading this game Krrish 3 and it will be really fun.

I know that Android and iOS users will feel that why Krrish 3 game is not yet released for them but you need to have patience as it may get soon available for Android as well as iOS. When the game will release for Android it will be getting many more reviews and it will be exciting to see that how many people will love the game after downloading it.