Finally Fifa 14 Available to Download for Android and iOS

Waiting to play the latest Fifa 14 on your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad? Now there is no need to wait for Fifa 14 as it has finally got available to download. With Fifa 14 you can expect to get very good gaming experience and now you will be able to play Fifa with all your favorite players.I am going to mention the reasons which will make you download Fifa 14 for your device immediately.

This game has got available globally which is even for India and I know that this will excite my friends who love football to have Fifa 14 immediately on their smartphone.

Download Fifa 14 for Android, iPhone and iPad

16,000 players?Yes, With Fifa 14 you get this amazing feature which is that most of the players are available for playing. There are more than 33 which has been features in this new addition of EA Sports Fifa game. This game features 33 different leagues and that’s why you have opportunity to go through many different things in Fifa 14.

You don’t need to play at the same type of stadium always and this thing has been taken care by EA Sports. You can choose from around 34 stadiums which should excite you to play this game.

 Commentary is really loved by anyone and with Fifa 14 you have the option to choose from 5 different languages for listening to commentary.

Amazing Soundtrack. Fifa 14 features very amazing soundtrack. The playlist which Fifa 14 brings for gamers will give them the fun they are looking for while playing a  game on their smartphone.

Everyone loves to create their own team while playing a game like Fifa. With Fifa 14 you can create your own fantasy team and give the players the skills which you want.

New Touch Controls is the best thing about Fifa 14. Moving on the players and shooting for goal should be a very new type of experience with Fifa 14 as it comes with very new type of touch controls which makes playing Fifa 14 more easier and comfortable.

Fifa 14 is available in 11 different languages which is really indeed great for people from different countries.

Fifa 14 is available for free. You can download Fifa 14 for your Android smartphone immediately from Google Play Store.

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