Comparison of 2 Android Smartphones Having Price Below Rs 8,000

Having budget of Rs 8,000 for buying Android smartphone? In Rs 8,000 you have many good options when it comes to Android smartphones. In this post I have decided to compare 2 Android smartphones which are now available at a price below Rs 8,000. I am comparing Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos which are very good smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is priced around Rs 7,500 while Ace Duos costs little more than Y Duos and its price is around Rs 7,900. Both are dual sim Android smartphones then too we will compare both of them according to some features so that you can choose the one which has the best features for you

Galaxy Ace Duos - Now within Rs 8000

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos (Black)

Galaxy Y Duos - Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Below Rs 8000

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos


Y Duos has a 3.14 inch screen while Ace Duos has a 3.5 inch screen.

Camera Comparison

I will rate Ace Duos definitely better than Y Duos when it comes to camera features. There is a 3 megapixel camera in Y Duos while in Ace Duos you can find 5 megapixel camera. You get more clarity and more features with camera of Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos.


In Y Duos you can find 384 MB RAM while in Ace Duos you can find 512 MB RAM which makes Ace Duos a better smartphone.


You get only 160 MB internal memory with Y Duos while with Ace Duos you get 32 GB internal memory. With both of them you can get external memory up to 32 GB using microSD card.

Connectivity Features

Both Y Duos and Ace Duos have the same type of connectivity features.

Battery Life

Both the Android smartphones come with 1300 mAh battery. My friend using Y Duos gets better battery life than the battery life which I get with Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos.

Both the Android smartphones are really very good as both are manufactured by Samsung. You can definitely go for any one of them if you want to buy Android smartphone within Rs 8,000.