Call US and Canada From India At Very Low Rates Using Videocon Mobile Services

If you are someone who is from India and does lot of calls to US and Canada then definitely this post will be very useful for you as you can save your money. You must be having relatives in US or Canada and the difficult thing for you can be contacting your relatives due to the high rates for making calls to US or Canada. Videocon has now decided to offer some amazing plans for all those who want to call to US and Canada without any tension.

Videocon mobile services wants to provide best calling rate when it comes to Long distance calling. The number of subscribers are increasing and may be that’s why Videocon wants to attract more people. Most of the Indians would love to enjoy this offer as many of us have friends or relatives in US and Canada.

Videocon offers pack to call US and Canada at very low rate

Ever thought to get 98% discount rate? Yes Videocon has decided to give 98% discount for all those who want to call to US and Canada. This type of very big discount rate and that too for International calling can definitely be called as one of the best offers for many.

The new Videocon pack will definitely attract customers. By going for this pack you can call to US and Canada at 10 paisa per minute. The most amazing thing is that you are getting free minutes to call to US and Canada. Old customers can get 1000 free minutes of calling to US and Canada at just Rs 105. New subscribers of Videocon mobile services will need to pay Rs 135 for getting this 1000 minutes of calling. The validity of this very amazing pack which allows calling to US and Canada at very low rates is 4 weeks which is really very good.

The best Offer to call US and CanadaI hope that all those people who want to enjoy calling to USA and Canada at low rate may decide to go for Videocon mobile service. It seems that Videocon has decided to provide more new offers and they may soon announce more cool offers which may be useful for you.