7 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks Which are Very Useful

There are many useful WhatsApp tips and tricks which have gain lot of popularity. As WhatsApp users have kept on increasing, the number of tips and tricks have also increased. Even if many other new messaging Apps are now available for Android and iOS, WhatsApp is still the most preferred messaging App for most people. These tricks and tips include the changes that one can do in Settings, information about Apps available for improving WhatsApp experience and some other best tips and tricks.

People have started giving more time for chatting on WhatsApp as it has become the medium to connect with school friends, office friends, business friends etc. Knowing some of the best WhatsApp tips and tricks is a necessary thing especially if you’re going to be very active at WhatsApp.

Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks which Everyone Should Know

Here are Some of the Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

1. Disabling the Last Seen Time Stamp

Yes, you can disable the last seen time stamp easily. New WhatsApp users often get bored of this time stamp as everyone else can know about their availability on WhatsApp. You can go to settings and make the ‘Last Seen‘ option available to everyone, your contacts or Nobody.

2. Backup and Restore Option Available

If you’re changing your smartphone, then you shouldn’t worry about your WhatsApp messaging history. WhatsApp comes with built-in option to backup and restore the chat history. I’ll advice you to backup your WhatsApp history to the SD card as if your smartphone will stop working, then you may lose the WhatsApp chat history saved in the phone memory.

3. Make WhatsApp Profile Images Appear as Contact Images

This is a very useful WhatsApp tip especially for those who have friends with the same name. You can easily make the WhatsApp profile images become your contact images by making use of Android Apps like ‘Contact Photo Sync‘. Many other Apps are available for Android and iOS for making the WhatsApp profile images become the contact images.

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4. Lock Your WhatsApp to Hide Your WhatsApp Chat

You can lock your WhatsApp easily by making use of ‘Messenger and Chat Lock‘ App or any other App which can perform this function. I’ll definitely recommend you to make use of such type of App as then only you’ll be able to hide your WhatsApp chat history from those friends who always try to snoop into your smartphone. This top WhatsApp trick should be immediately used by those who keep giving their smartphone to their friends for going through their new images, videos and games.

5. Notifications on Desktop – Best for Busy People

Not getting time to chat on WhatsApp or missing the important WhatsApp messages due to busy schedule?

You may definitely like to get WhatsApp notifications on your desktop. For getting WhatsApp notifications on your desktop, you first need to install Desktop Notification App on your Android smartphone. After installing this App, you’ll need to install the Chrome extension if you’re making use of Chrome browser. Such type of extension is also available for Firefox browser. Once you’ve installed this extension, you’ll need to link your App with the code provided to you. This is best WhatsApp trick for all those who keep working entire day on their desktop because of which they miss out important WhatsApp messages.

6.Sharing ZIP, RAR and Other Files Can be Possible

If your business friends are also on WhatsApp, then sometimes you may like to share ZIP, RAR and even PDF files related to work with them on WhatsApp itself. WhatsApp won’t allow you to share such files unless you make use of a secondary application. ‘Cloud Send’ is one of the applications which can really be a useful one for those who want to share such files with their business friends on WhatsApp.

7. Change Your WhatsApp Number Easily Using Settings

You won’t have to lose your WhatsApp chat history or left out of the WhatsApp Groups which you’re a part of just because of changing your WhatsApp number because you can easily get everything on your new number. You can have WhatsApp on your new number without losing the chat history and the joined groups. For doing this, you’ll need to go to Settings>Account>Change Number. You’ll need to enter your old number and new number for changing your WhatsApp number without losing the important WhatsApp chat history.

I hope that you’ll soon make use of some of the useful WhatsApp tips and tricks which I have mentioned. You can definitely share these tips and tricks with your friends as they may definitely like to know about them. Once I’ll get to know about some more interesting tricks, then I’ll definitely write one more post mentioning them. Which one is your favorite WhatsApp trick?