4 Best Selfie Apps for Android Smartphones (Beautify Photos)

Want to take best selfies using your Android smartphone? There are many good selfie Apps available for Android and these Apps will help you in taking best selfies as well as some of them will be useful for editing the selfies which you have already taken. As I found that many people nowadays look for selfie Apps so that they can beautify their selfies by adding different effects, I immediately decided to list out the best selfie Apps. In this post you’ll be able to know 4 best selfie Apps for Android which are very useful and these Apps are very popular at Google Play Store. Some of these Apps may be even available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad etc. 

Nowadays we take selfies regularly and that’s why such type of Android Apps are very much in demand. Don’t miss to check all the 4 Apps which are mentioned in this post.

1. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam App

YouCam Perfect App for Taking Best Selfies

YouCam Perfect can be the perfect selfie App which you may immediately like to install immediately. While taking selfies using your Android smartphone you’ll be able to beautify your face which is by making use of YouCam Perfect App. You’ll be able to add the stylish effects in camera preview mode which means that your pictures will have the type of stylish effects that you always wanted to have. If you have dry skin or wrinkles, then you can make use of Skin smoother feature. For people having tired or dark skin, Skin whitener effect can be the most useful one.

If you take group-selfies, then too YouCam Perfect App can definitely be very useful. This Android App comes with multi-face detection feature. This feature will provide you with the advantage of adding effects to all the faces in the group image. There are many more amazing features available with YouCam Perfect App and that’s why you should immediately start making use of this best selfie App.

2. Candy Camera – Selfie Selfies

Candy Camera App for Android to Beautify Photos

Candy Camera App is one of the most downloaded selfie Apps. It is popular in many countries as it allows people to take selfies very conveniently and comes with the best beautifying features. You’ll feel totally surprised knowing the thing that this App has got 40,000,000 downloads.

Some of the best beauty functions of Candy Camera selfie App for Android are Skin whitening effect, make-up functions by which you can add eyeliner or mascara, slimming effect, light effects etc.

3. Selfie Photo Effects & Editor

Best Selfie Android Apps for Effects and Editing

If you’re looking forward to edit the photos which you have already taken, then Selfie Photo Effects & Editor is definitely going to be an useful Android App for you. You’ll be able to easily edit your photos and add different type of effects. With this App you get features which are crop, resize, change color balance, Retro photo effects, mirror selfie, cosmetic tools etc. You’ll be also able to share your photos on various social networking sites easily using this App.

4. Photo Editor- Selfie Effects

Photo Editor Selfie Effects for Android

Photo Editor – Selfie Effects is a perfect photo editing tool. You’ll find that this Android App comes with various different type of tools. You can auto-enhance your photos with a single tap. Variety of filters, stickers, frames, color splash and many more amazing features of this App will make you find Photo Editor as the best selfie App.

Photo Editor will also give you the benefit to share your edited photos instantly. This App has already got more than 50,000 downloads and has got the rating of 4.2 at Google Play Store.

I hope that you’ll soon try to use these 4 best selfie Apps for Android smartphones as you’ll be make your selfies look much better than before. Nowadays new Apps keep on launching at Google Play Store and that’s why you will be able to find some new selfie Apps for your smartphone. Keep visiting GetMobileFun as I’ll soon make you know about some other type of Android Apps which can be very useful. Which selfie App you’re using currently? Did you start using any of the best selfie Apps which I’ve mentioned in this post?

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