Best Mobile Phones Within Rs 2,500

If you are ¬†someone¬†who doesn’t has a good budget for buying mobile phone then this article is for you. I know that you may be thinking to buy a new mobile phone as your old mobile phone may have stopped working properly. I have decided to mention only those mobile phones which come within Rs 2,500 as these mobile phones will be affordable for many.

I know that you may looking for the best option even if your budget to buy mobile phone is Rs 2,500. I am mentioning 3 different mobile phones manufactured by 3 different companies Nokia, Micromax and Spice as I want you to choose the best mobile phone within Rs 2,500.

Nokia 114

Nokia 114 - Priced at Rs 2345 ( Below Rs 2500)

Nokia 114 is a dual sim mobile phone and comes in 3 different colors. This mobile phone is priced Rs 2,345 which is just below Rs 2,500. This dual sim affordable Nokia mobile comes with Gprs and Edge connectivity features. It has FM radio and 0.3 megapixel camera. You get external memory up to 32GB with Nokia 114. If you want a long lasting mobile phone within Rs 2,500 then definitely Nokia 114 is the best option. Nokia 114 in different colors is available at Flipkart.

Micromax X350

Micromax X350 mobile - Priced at Rs 2495 ( Below Rs 2,500)Nokia 114 has a very small screen while Micromax X350 has a 3 inches screen which makes it one of the best mobile phones within Rs 2,500. It doesn’t only have a 3 inches screen but also a very good camera of 1.3 megapixel. It is also a dual sim mobile phone. The only thing which may make you not go for Micromax X350 is very low memory option. You get external memory up to 4GB only with this low budget Micromax mobile phone. It is good for music and that’s why you may go for Micromax X350.

Spice M-5396

Spice M-5396 mobile - Priced Rs 2100 ( Below Rs 2,200)Spice M-5396 is also a good mobile phone and this mobile phone is priced very much below your budget. It comes around Rs 2,100. You get external memory up to 8GB with this Spice mobile phone. It is also dual sim and this Spice mobile phone also has FM radio. The screen size is of 2.4 inches which is quite decent enough. 1.3 megapixel is provided in Spice M-5396 which should make you happy as it comes in your low budget. Many people who have bought this Spice mobile phone find it to be good according to the low price.

Latest Mobile phones under Rs 2,500

If you checked out the above 3 mobile phones and didn’t like any one of them then you shouldn’t worry as I am mentioning 3 more mobile phones in this budget. These are the latest and the best mobile phones in this budget.

Gionee Slim S80

Affordable Gionee Mobile phones

Gionee Slim S80 is a really good very low priced mobile. You can Buy Gionee Slim S80 from Flipkart at Rs 2,375 only. It is priced so less and then too it looks superb. Slim S80 is a Dual SIM mobile and has a 1.3 megapixel camera. The connectivity features offered by Gionee are Gprs , Edge and Bluetooth. You can get external memory up to 16GB with this smartphone. Gionee is mainly known for its superb Android smartphones and I never knew that Gionee also manufactures low cost mobile phones. You shouldn’t forget that this is not an Android smartphone but a simple mobile phone.

Karbonn K62+

Best Karbonn Mobile within Rs 2500

In your budget you can also go for this Karbonn mobile phone. You can Buy Karbonn A62+ from Flipkart at Rs 2,499. Karbonn is known for providing low cost smartphones but in the form of A62+ it offers a very nice mobile phone. It has a 3 inch touchscreen, 1.3 megapixel camera and FM Radio. This is a Dual SIM mobile phone and Karbonn offers external memory up to 8GB. You can get talktime up to 5 hours.

I hope that you will now finally choose between the 3 mobile phones. I have mentioned only 1 Nokia mobile phone in this post as the budget is only Rs 2,500. If you have no problem of budget then you should check out the new Nokia 515 which comes with good aluminium body and cool features.

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