Best 4 Antivirus for Android smartphones

If you are looking for a free or paid Antivirus for your Android smartphone then definitely this post is specially for you. Whenever you buy a new Android smartphone which is very costly you should install an Antivirus whether it is a free one or paid. It is necessary that your Android smartphone should stay protected as whenever you are using internet your smartphone may get infected with virus or malware.

As you may be someone who downloads lot of best games and Apps. You should that’s why try to have the Best Antivirus for your Android smartphone. Here is the look at some good Antiviruses for Android smartphones.

Top Android Antivirus

1. Antivirus Free by AVG Mobilation – This free Antivirus by AVG is a very superb Antivirus for Android smartphones. I am myself using this Antivirus on my Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos and it helps me to protect my Ace Duos from all type of viruses and malwares. Whenever a new game or App is download by me on my Ace Duos this Antivirus by AVG scans the game or App which makes me know that whether the game or App is 100% virus free or not. You can also go for the AVG security Pro Antivirus and you will need to pay Rs 369 for the Pro version.

2. Avast Mobile Security – Avast Mobile Security also is a good free Antivirus if you want to protect your Android smartphone from malware. You get cell phone tracker and protection from malware by downloading Avast Mobile Security on your Android smartphone. It has got 4.7 rating out of 5. Avast is a very popular name and that’s why you may consider to download Avast Mobile Security for your Android smartphone.

3. Norton Security & Antivirus – Norton is also a very popular name if you are considering to get a Antivirus for your brand new Android smartphone. Norton Security & Antivirus will help you to keep your smartphone safe from thieves as you will be able to easily tract your smartphone after installing Norton Security & Antivirus. Protection for multiple devices, good interface and very other good features may make you choose Norton Security & Antivirus.

4. NQ Mobile Secuirty & Antivirus – NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus not only protects Android smartphone from virus and malware but one gets many other features too with NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus. You can back up your data using NQ Mobile Security and you can also optimize your smartphone by using NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus. If you are looking for total protection then NQ Mobile Security may be the best for your Android smartphone.

After installing any one good antivirus on your Android smartphone out of the 4 which we have mentioned  you may consider to download some interesting Android games and some best Android Apps which are very popular  on your Android smartphone. Most of the people love Free Android Applications and hence I have mentioned some of the Best Free Antivirus for Android smartphones so that there will be no need to pay money for making your Android smartphone safe from virus….

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