Advantages of RCOM’s FreeNet – Access Useful Websites for Free

Reliance Communications and Facebook have come together to introduce in India. It is one of the best things which has happened in this year 2015. RCOM customers will be able to access different useful websites for free which will make many RCOM customers happy. In this post I’ll make you know the advantages of RCOM’s FreeNet. By going through this post,  you’ll be also able to understand that how FreeNet is going to empower the people in our country.

Nowadays 2G and 3G internet packs are getting costlier day by day. Many students who don’t have any income may not be able to opt for a costly internet pack. This is the reason that RCOM’s FreeNet will be very useful for such students.

Even people who are doing a job are frustrated because of the increasing internet charges. A good thing about Reliance’s FreeNet is that there will be no depletion from Data Quota. So if you have opted for a data plan, then too you may like to make use of FreeNet for accessing many websites for free.

RCom’s FreeNet will Make People Become More Knowledgeable

People will be able to access different news websites like Aaj Tak, NDTV, Times of India, India Today, IBN Live etc for free. By reading news daily, people will definitely be able to know about the different things happening in our country India as well as about the things happening in other countries. may definitely develop reading habit among the students as they’ll start accessing these news websites daily for free.

WikiPedia, WikiHow and can also be accessed for free by making use of

Find the Perfect Job Using

Most of the teenagers who’re still not having a job try to search online regularly for the available job opportunities. will allow the teenagers in India to make use of BabaJob, TimesJobs and other such helpful websites for free. So if you’re not happy with your current job, then you may definitely start searching for the perfect job for yourself by accessing these websites for free.

Health Related Information

With FreeNet you’ll be able to access websites like Malaria No More, Facts for Life (Unicef), Social Blood etc. These websites will definitely make people aware about health related issues. People may also start understanding the importance of exercising and doing Yoga regularly.

Empowering the Women in India

With, women will be able to access free services which are BabyCenter & MAMA, Nike Foundation (Girl Effect) and UN Women (iLearn) for free. It is really good to see that these services which can be very useful for women are made available for free with I just hope that many more free services especially for women will be offered with FreeNet. will allow you to access your favorite social networking site Facebook for free. You won’t be able to access full fledged version of Facebook for free. If you like to listen to music, then you’ll feel happy to know that even Hungama Music is listed as one of the free services. You’ll be also able to access ESPN cricinfo for getting all the cricket related updates for free on your smartphone.

With you’ll be able to access many more websites for free. You should definitely try to make use of FreeNet regularly as it will provide you with knowledge and many other benefits.

Advantages of RCOM's FreeNet

How to Make Use of Reliance’s FreeNet?

You can directly go to website for accessing the useful websites for free. Reliance customers having an Android smartphone can download App from Google Play Store.

Who All Can Make Use of Internet.Org Free Services?

For now service is available for Reliance customers in 6 circles which are Gujrat, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Not only Prepaid and Postpaid GSM customers, but also Prepaid CDMA customers will be able to make use of services. is available for free for Postpaid GSM customers, but it is not going to be available freely for Postpaid CDMA customers.

The most amazing thing about FreeNet is that no extra charge or special data pack needs to be purchased for accessing free websites through So you won’t have to pay a single Rupee for FreeNet, but be sure that you don’t click on any external link. If you’ll access any external website, then you’ll definitely get charged for it.

RCOM customers who’re unable to make use of free services should immediately call 180030025353 (Toll free number).

If you’re a RCOM customer, then you should definitely start making use of FreeNet from now. According to me, free services will be used by all the teenagers and even other people regularly. With time, people will start understanding that FreeNet is one of the most useful things that RCOM customers can get. It is really good to see that Facebook and RCOM are doing their best for empowering the youth in India.